Top 10 Netflix Series 2021

If you have been scrolling aimlessly on Netflix every night, wasting more time in scanning lists and their details than actually watching what you like, then this list right here will come as a boon to your nightly ritual of Netflix-binging.

Last updated 7 months ago

Abhranil Das

Top 10 Netflix Originals Of 2017

This year Netflix packs a real powerhouse of new TV shows along with small screen movies for the entertainment enthusiasts all across the world.

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Top 15 Netflix originals 2020

Netflix originals have been the most awaited movies for its subscriber because they carry a story, a message, and, most of all, every element of drama, fiction, suspense, horror, and romance. Let's make the task of selecting these movies simpler for you. Check out these top 15 Netflix original movies and get ready to watch them each weekend:

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