Game Of Thrones Taught Me A Lot About Sex Education: Says Sophie Turner

Game Of Thrones Taught Me A Lot About Sex Education: Says Sophie Turner Game Of Thrones Taught Me A Lot About Sex Education: Says Sophie Turner

by Abhranil Das

If you are active on social media or a fan of George R Martin then, you must have heard of the TV series popularly known as Game of Thrones. The show is basically derived from the book trilogy ‘The song of fire and ice’ by the author G.R martin.

In an interview published in Times of India newspaper, Turner claimed how she was just a novice and didn’t know anything about sex education while joining the cast of Game Of Thrones in her early teens.  

"The first time I found out about oral sex was reading the 'Game of Thrones' script. I was 13. I said, 'Wow! People do that? That's fascinating'. I guess that was my sex education. Being on 'Game of Thrones'," Sophie said.

Turner also discussed how she got into a bad controversy in the year 2015 when her character in the show was shown to be raped by another character called Ramsey Bolton on her wedding night.The scene was pretty intense and had provoked a lot of viewers over the legitimacy of the scene in the show. The show producers, as well as Sophie, was not at all prepared for all the uproar due the controversial scene.

Later she said that she that she or anybody near her doesn’t face any kind off sexual advances till now, so she has misread the situation regarding the scene and acknowledge that if she has known better, she wouldn’t let the producers put the scene in the show.

According to her as much as we talk about sex education and shed more light on it, the better.

Show producers shouldn’t lead the show while holding the emotions of the audiences.They should produce the show as they see fit, if people like the show they will watch it or if they boycott the show for adult scenes, it's their loss. She added that this sort of thing always happens because you can’t please every bit of your audience group every. Also, people affected by such incidences will feel connected with the show and feel comfortable to talk about it afterward.

The show has completed over 6 seasons having 60 episodes in total. The seventh season is to be aired on 16th of July this year in the US. It will premiere in India on July 18th in Star World HD in evening.

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