Logan and Deadpool come together for the first time

Logan and Deadpool come together for the first time Logan and Deadpool come together for the first time

by Subham Roy

If you know what crazy talking is, you probably know who Deadpool is then. The mega blockbuster all around the world with a Merc going nuts and all monster-y, Deadpool introduced the new face of Marvel comics.

But wait, here comes the crazy muscle head (well, not really). Sharp adamantium claws, quick healing capabilities, a strong sense of smell and breathtaking anger management issue. Yes, you know the name. No, it’s not Hulk, he doesn’t have claws. Yes, it’s Logan.

Perhaps the most iconic X-men of all time and a favorite to all the teenagers and grown up comic guys, Logan is all set to make his debut with the new sarcastic monstrous whack job, Deadpool.

Logan, the upcoming sensation in the film Industry will be featuring the instant lunatics of Deadpool and the beard of the Wolverine.

The honest trailer for the 200th episode of screen junkies (Even I don’t know what that mean.) is what they are calling it. 

In the trailer, Deadpool keeps on popping in many scenes with his adorable outfit (most probably to hide his cigarette burns) and with his big mouth. 

Jon Baily, the narrator of the video series decided to call a mate in need to make sure they come up with something that avoids the eggs and the tomatoes. 

Guess who that friend was? It was Ryan Reynolds, or in a better preference Mr. Deadpool. 

“Are you high? I’m not gonna s— on Logan,” was Reynolds reply. “That film is a rocking masterpiece with an ‘F’. If Jackman doesn’t get an Oscar nomination, I’m setting every VHS copy of Crash on fire.”

Those were the words of Ryan. He is pretty much confident if you ask me. To top that, we all miss Deadpool. Will be seeing his hot girlfriend in the sequel as well? How on earth did she end up with her after that makeover? I guess love is blind after all. 

The teaser or in one word the honest Trailer (okay, that’s two words) is gonna feature Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds in a very unique and different way. 

Ryan will try to steal the crowd with his charm. Although, he is not much happy with the fact that YouTube keeps on unsubscribing people and de-motivates the hard working people. I typically don’t know what that means but let’s hope it has something more than the usual. 

What to expect?

  • A fun time with loads of action and crazy-a** sarcasm.
  • Some really good high flying moves with agility and power being the center of attraction.
  • Some really hard time cutting, since both the guys depends on shiny knives (or claws).
  • Some really whacky expressions which can make you literally fall off the chair laughing.

What this stuff really is?
If you are looking forward to a movie that you can enjoy with friends, this is it. If your girlfriend is not a big fan of Marvel comics and more of a romantic personality, rent a copy of Titanic. Otherwise, you can also enjoy this with your girlfriend. 

Chances are, she might just love the Wolve-pool combo anyways.

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