Katy Perry Cooked Into a Feast: Bon Appetit Music Video

Katy Perry Cooked Into a Feast: Bon Appetit Music Video

by Abhranil Das

On last Friday that is 12th May, International Pop singer Katy Perry has launch a new single hit for upcoming album. The name of the single is “Bon Appétit," feat. Migos. The visuals was coordinated and directed by Dent De Cuir, a Montreal-based producer having specialization in art design and direction. 

In this video she (katy perry) was looking was shown to be cooked into a feast.

The video begins with the 32-year-old artist laying covered under a food wrap in a cooler. She is lifted by few chiefs, who go on tossing her into a huge tub of flour where she was being rubbed with the substance. 

Next, Katy is put onto a wooden cutting board where she is canvassed in a wide range of vegetables before being dumped into on a hot stove. Afterwards she was served in an eatery, however at the end of the video she suddenly gets up to do act on a stripper pole.

The video likewise takes after the development of Katy's new pixie cut hair in which she looking stunning gorgeous.

This video also seems like a literal representation of her verses like 'Cause I'm all that you need, boy-All that you can have, boy-Got me spread like a buffet/Bon appétit, baby – there's are lot of inner subtext in this video.

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