Raabta: Remake Rumours; Find Out the Full Story

Raabta: Remake Rumours; Find Out the Full Story Raabta: Remake Rumours; Find Out the Full Story

by Abhranil Das

The trailer of movie Raabta created a major comparison storm in the twitter after its official launch. The movie was compared with a similar blockbuster film having quite similar plotline and ending. That Blockbuster film is released in 2009 and titled Magadheera; it was directed by the same director who has directed Bahubali - S S Rajamouli.

Raabta Trailer:

In Magadheera movie was based on the plot that two characters who reincarnated and has meet after a long period of 400 years. They were lovers in their first life and they want to continue their interrupted romance after getting reborn again.

Twitter bursts into comparison after watching the first trailer of Raabta. In this trailer Kriti and Sushant get interrupted and their romance was snatched by Jim Sarbh, just as same that has happened in his previous life. Some users are also referring the fact that some part of the trailer has keen resemblance to famous TV series Game of Thrones.

If Raabta is really a remake of Magadheera, which was one of the greatest hit in Indian cinema then producers are going to collect a fortune from its box office collection. People are also expecting that film does some justice to the reincarnation plot, which was severely failed in 2012 starrer Dangerous Ishhq.

It is possible that ‘Raabta’ can be similar but turns out better and more beautiful than Magadheera. Till the movie hits the theatres, let keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

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