Wonder Women Is The Grossest Live-Action Superhero Movie of This Generation

Wonder Women Is The Grossest Live-Action Superhero Movie of This Generation Wonder Women Is The Grossest Live-Action Superhero Movie of This Generation

by Abhranil Das

After releasing worldwide on 2nd of june this year, Wonder Woman has shattered all gender bashings in the industry. People from all age including elders are queuing in long lines to watch the movie.

Apparently as the reports suggested it has done a business over a  $25 million at the US box office this weekend and thus created a new world record. This is the first time a movie has received much deserved limelight as well as appreciation directed by a woman.

The film Wonder Woman was directed by the famous director of Monsters- Patty Jenkins, she first came into limelight when her first movie broke all box office hits at that time.

Interestingly enough she hasn’t even direct a single feature films in 14 years after Monster, which significantly indicates the problems faced by woman directors in the industry.

According to the released reports by a major Box Office statistics website called Box Office Mojo, since its release Wonder Woman has done a business of $315 million in the country and  over $652 million globally. The film who has previously hold the record of doing maximum business of $609 million worldwide was titled as “Mamma Mai”. It was a musical movie directed by Phyllida in the year 2008.

Among both the comics universes and the movies including Man of Steel, The Amazing Spiderman, Doctor Strange, Captain America, Iron Man all three parts, Avengers and some others, Wonder Woman’s box office collections domestically is much higher than these mentioned list. And if this trend keep on happening into its 4th week of release then in no time Wonder woman movie will soon cross the total global earning of these movies. 

It's additionally quite near of breaking the domestic record of last years Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie which is around $330 million and Suicide Squad is about $325 million. 

Anyone who checks the rotten tomato ratings of the movie will be a little disappointment. Well for film critics these numbers doesn’t make much impression as they originally watch the movie and liked it to its core. 

But these type of ratings matter to the Hollywood insiders to compare movies with one another. The main reason behind the poor rating of Wonder Woman is because there is a lot of expectation from a female superhero movie in the box office. If Wonder Woman can shatter some more records at the global scale then in the future it may be possible to make more female character centred movies.

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