Guardian Of Galaxy Vol 2 Shakes International Box Office Records as DANGAL Soares In China

Guardian Of Galaxy Vol 2 Shakes International Box Office Records as DANGAL Soares In China

by Abhranil Das

Guardian of the Galaxy Vol 2 netted a worth of $40 million on Friday and as it seems its gonna rule the box office charts during the weekend also. The profoundly expected sequel of the hit movie Guardian of the galaxy Vol 1 has not disappointed us at all. It got a headstart in international theaters with more than over $100 million in its opening weekend only. 

As producers has anticipated that the sequel would draw somewhere in the range of $140-160 million locally in its opening end of the week, Guardians 2 is unquestionably off to a quick begin and a beyond any doubt would go on a long prosperous way. It apparently earned over $17 million at U.S state theaters from only preview screenings on late Thursday night.

The first Guardians of the Galaxy movie opening crossed over about $94 million in the year 2014, which would mark about a 50% increment in revenue of this sequel in its opening weekend. As in greater span of time it gives a wider chance of eventually topping the $333 million earned by the original. As predicted across worldwide it will soon crossed over its $200 million budget in making, with final predictions going rather high.

All things considered, Guardians 2 still has far to go to cross over the first film’s overall revenue of over $773 million.

When Guardians of galaxy 2 is creating new box office offshore records, here in national waters bollywood star Aamir Khan’s Dangal is headed to become highest most earned film in China. By the end of the second day the film has collected over $ 3 million (Rs 21 crore) in revenue since its release on Saturday. Aamir khan is known as one of the finest actors in China, his previous films like 3 Idiots and PK have done records shattering business in china in recent years. 

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Infact till now PK is the only main Indian film to have crossed over Rs 100 crores in China’s film industry and it has achieved this amazing feat in just 16 days of its initial launch in China. As per reports released by China’s trade experts the movie was released over 7,000 cinemas instead of 9,000 screens also one major cinema chains has not shown any interest in this film but still it's doing great in box office.

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