Is Bruce Finally the Batman in Gotham?

Is Bruce Finally the Batman in Gotham? Is Bruce Finally the Batman in Gotham?

by Palak Puri

Fox’s Gotham has reached the finale of its popular third season this week. This season has seen Ed Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) completely realize his fate as the Riddler, and Ivy Pepper’s (Maggie Geha) struggle to develop into a traditional version of The Poison Ivy. So it only makes sense if Bruce’s evolution as Batman is accelerated in Gotham’s Finale.

Gotham has always known to be the origin of Batman. The last scene of the Gotham’s finale has very clearly depicted that Bruce is the Batman, Bruce the hero has finally arrived. After being brainwashed by the Shaman, Bruce and Alfred reconcile. The Butler asks Bruce to look for his “True North” so that he doesn’t lose himself ever again.

Bruce realizes that his purpose is to save the city after the aftermath of Tetch virus being unfolded on the news. He is the hero that the city needs, equipped with teachings from Shaman, Alfred and R’as al Ghul.

Gotham’s finale comes to an end with a family walking down an empty alley. A thug stops them and takes a gun out, a situation very similar to that of Bruce’s family, however, the only difference is that there is someone to help this time. A figure comes out, beats up the mugger and vanishes.

When the camera focuses on one of the nearby roofs, the figure displayed as the savior of the day, wearing a mask, black clothes and a cloak is standing on the edge. He reveals himself and like we all desired, it's Bruce.

Standing on the edge of the building and gracefully looking over the Gotham City Bruce doesn’t have the name just yet or the cowl but clearly he is our hero, he is our Batman that we were all desperately waiting for.

Quite an impactful and satisfying finale wasn’t it? Now that Bruce is our Batman we are already waiting for the next season.

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