Needhi Dhoker

5 Impressive Date Looks For Men

Finding a perfect attire depends on where your date is. Fortunately, these ideas will be your companion to ace the date outfit.

Last updated 1 week ago

Needhi Dhoker

Qualities A Woman Looks For In A Man

We all know what women are made of expectations. But why not? We have all the rights to seek for the real man. This is one...

Last updated 1 week ago

Needhi Dhoker

Top 7 Matte Lipsticks Every Girl Must Own

Whoever said ‘money can't buy all the happiness didn't know where to shop from’. I say let us all tell the world about our love for lipsticks...

Last updated 2 weeks ago

Abhranil Das

Video Footage : Total Solar Eclipse Of The Era.

On Aug. 21st, 2017 skies over the South Carolina has shadowed in over almost in a century. Yesterday’s solar eclipse was one of the rarest spectacle seen by this generation. It followed a direct path over the United States after 99 years.

Last updated 4 weeks ago

Palak Puri

Top 10 Books You Must Read!!!

Here are 10 stunning and absolutely intriguing books you must read and add to your reader’s bucket list.

Last updated 3 months ago