Record Shattered as History Created: Check out the list

Record Shattered as History Created: Check out the list Record Shattered as History Created: Check out the list

by Ravleen Chawla

Baahubali 2, the magnum opus by SS Rajamouli has cooked up a squall at the box office. It is one of the extremely anticipated movies after the exceptional success of 2015 film Baahubali: The Beginning. Continuing its propensity of flouting records and crafting new ones Baahubali: The Conclusion became the foremost Indian movie to cross Rs 1000 crore level worldwide.

Analysts told media preceding the release of Baahubali 2 that the movie could be a game changer gazing at its unprecedented publicity. The movie starring Rana Daggubati, Prabhas, Tamannaah and Anushka Shetty continues to break box office records. It meshed 320-325 crore rupees over the primary three days of release. As per box office collection of Bahubaali: The Conclusion has formed history by collecting other than 125 crores over the primary weekend in its Hindi version. The movie bust Salman’s starred Sultan's record which collected a little over Rs 105 crore and Aamir's Dangal which collected about Rs 107 crore.

Baahubali 2 collected Rs 125 at the box office a day first. As per media report of a total, a major amount has come from the movie’s home state i.e. Andhra Pradesh where it made 53 crore rupees. The movie was screened widely in Karnataka with shows in the original Telugu audio and Tamil and Hindi dubs, it finished 11.5 crore rupees in Karnataka. The Telugu version issued 53 crore rupees and Hindi version composed 41 crore rupees on the whole. 

Baahubali 2 has collected 65.65 crore rupees in its opening weekend in the USA only. The movie appeared as number three at the US box office and stood subsequent to Vin Diesel’s fast and Furious 8. The Indian gross business stood at 395 crore Rupees roughly whereas overseas business stood at over 18 to 19 million dollars in three days merely. The overseas figures are the conservative approximation as the Telugu and Tamil versions are unreported playing on hire at several places at double or triple of normal tickets charges.

If we include the higher centers such as US and Canada the figures stand at about 11 million dollars. In the UK, the Telugu version is barely being screened on core chains so it’s all unreported business. In Australia, the three versions of movie grossed A 2.23 million. The universal figures at 506 crore Rupees are for three day weekend and do not embrace previews comprising them the total goes over 520 crore rupees as per Box office report India.

With 6500 screens Baahubali 2 saw the extensive release for an Indian movie. An independent distributor informed media that ‘the Andhra Pradesh government gave many inducements such that boost in the number of shows permitted per day per screen from four to six, giving the film 50% more shows in its strongest market’. He also added that’ the government also permitted exhibitors to augment ticket prices from 70 Rs to 100 Rs and then up to 150 Rs depending ahead location and city efficiently providing an incremental profit of 40 % a 100 % respectively’.

Baahubali 2 recorded an advance booking sum up to 36 crore Rs for its Hindi version as per the Box Office India and this earlier record was held by Sultan at 21 crore Rs. Fascinatingly, 8 times rush in overall traffic in the movie’s opening week was also faced by Paytm and accounted for added 30 % market share to the Hindi version’s opening weekend. It has leveraged its huge supply chain of regional theaters, among tier II and tier III theaters accounting for more than 60 % of the movie’s overall business. IMAX illustrated that Baahubali 2 gathered   14.77 crore rupees in its opening weekend as of 66 IMAX theaters which comprise theaters in India, Australia, Africa, Middle East and North America, The ten IMAX theaters in India collected 2.14 crore rupees.  

The box-office statistics for the Rajamouli film now stands at Rs 1,250 crore at the worldwide box office following fifteen days.  It is nearly double than the coalesce collection of all new releases. The Hindi version of the movie has collected gross amount of Rs 390.25 crore domestically in fifteen days. Till now in USA movie gross close to $420k taking an overall collection up to $18.20k and heading towards $20 million in the USA. In rest of the world, movie grossed 98 crores more or less till date.

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