10 Signs that your relationship is falling apart

10 Signs that your relationship is falling apart 10 Signs that your relationship is falling apart

by Needhi Dhoker

Everyone dreams of having a perfect relationship. Most of the couples never give up especially when they have planned their future together. But sometimes situations change due to which a long term relationship as well goes for a toss. There are so many things that start going haywire after a certain point. Have a look at this list and find out some possible aspects why relationships fail.

1. You sense there is secrecy and dishonesty in your relationship

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When a partner starts covering up those little lies said, it's a serious problem that can turn into a huge one after a point. You avoid talking to your partner about a particular thing assuming that he/she will start countering the scenario. You should totally watch out for this sign.

2. You expect way too much

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Yes, every relationship has expectations but it takes efforts to fulfil them. The moment someone starts expecting way too much, there is a whole lot of pressure on the other significant partner. This is exactly when your communication will deteriorate and you will sense your partner is not ready to open up to you.

3. There is immense amount of insecurity

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One incident of the past that may not have benefited you could lead to insecurities in a relationship. When this problem comes into the picture, it's necessary both the partners sit and discuss this matter instead of escaping it. Every time your partner steps out of the house, you might feel the need to constantly keep a check on him/her. This is the worst sign of an unhealthy relationship.

4. You fight more than often now

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Even a slightest talk could turn into a huge argument between partners when the relationship is falling apart. Everything that's said or done doesn't fulfil the wish of the other and hence it leads to a huge trouble between both.

5. You start noticing flaws

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There was a time your partner used to say you are perfect and that would give you butterflies. Few years or months down the line and times change. Your partner starts judging you and there is a comparison. They just seem to counter every fallacy you have instead of correcting you.

6. There is lack of emotional connect

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Those 3 A.M calls have now turned into 5 minutes talk. Suddenly, you don't have anything in common nor you feel the need to talk to your partner. If this is happening in your relationship, it’s must that you take a call if you actually need someone in your life that can't even stick by you when you are not in the right state of mind.

7. You appreciate some space and privacy

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Having space is now replaced with need of checking up on the partner. This is when you are in a toxic relationship. We all need some time for ourselves to be away not just from our S.O but families as well. When your partner starts intruding, it might annoy the heck out of you.

8. There is threat when the end is approaching

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I personally feel this one is totally valid because when a person needs a reason to part ways, this one automatically comes into the picture. Every time you both fight, the other one has to say ' You will find someone better than me'. Believe me, it's one of the signs that this relationship has touched its finish line.

9. Work or family have become the utmost priority

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When your partner doesn't seek out time for you anymore, realise the romance has faded. Getting him/her on board for dates or movie night is practically impossible.

10. In the end you are just unhappy together

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Time has passed and since there is less communication between you two and other things that are failing, you just can’t stand each other. Being unhappy is something you will immediately sense as it doesn’t require any precision.

It's sad but it's a hard fact of life that no relationship survives without trust and understanding. If you are experiencing most of the above pointers, it’s time you conclude your thoughts. Every relationship needs love and affection but remember it can’t conquer everything. So decide and make a healthy choice for yourself.

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