Top 10 Netflix Originals Of 2017

Top 10 Netflix Originals Of 2017 Top 10 Netflix Originals Of 2017

by Abhranil Das

This year Netflix packs a real powerhouse of new TV shows along with small screen movies for the entertainment enthusiasts all across the world. Over more than 1000 hours of original content have been premiered on Netflix this year.

So, we have prepared a list of top 10 best Netflix originals premiered in 2017.

1. A Series of Unfortunate Events

It is a show based on the Daniel Handler book with the top name as “A Series of Unfortunate Events”. The show tells the story 3 unlucky children whose parents mysteriously died in an accident. And they're eventually forced to live with their con uncle who is eyeing their family fortune for himself.

2. Orange is the New Black

This series is based on the life of prisoners and staffs at any prison. Currently, season 5 is aired on Netflix. The new episodes have shifted the focus on riots in prison which interchange the roles of guards and prisoners in the Litchfield Penitentiary. If you are a fan of Personal drama, complex character arcs, and conflicts between rival factions then definitely this show is worth a watch.

3. Ozark

The series is based on the plot that a money launderer named Martin Byrde (Bateman) as he shifted to his family to the Ozarks and his subtle plan of saving his life by paying back the Mexican drug cartel that killed his partner. If you have watched Breaking bad or Bloodlines then you can pretty well relate to this show.

4. Castlevania

Castlevania TV series is based on the game of the same title. The show debuts its first season in 2017 and is also renewed for season 2. The series follows Trevor Belmont, who defends the nation of Wallachia from Dracula and his minions. The show was originally planned as a feature film in 2007, but due to the lack of money, the project got dragged till 2015 and then received some investment as a part of Netflix series.

5. Okja

The plot follows about a South Korean girl who forms an unusual bond with a giant creature known simply as a "super-pig." But this show really depicts the barbaric slaughterhouse scenes, animal torture and corporate greed which runs in American food industrial complex. The film is as lovely as it is bizarre.

6. Punisher

If have seen Jessica Jones or Daredevil both are exclusive to Netflix. Then you have the faintest idea who is Frank castle and how he became the Punisher.  In this first season, the series producers focused on the initial backstory of infamous marine Frank. Well, you all are thinking that it's just a comic book series right? No, the series doesn’t shy away from brutal deaths and gun riddled bodies. So for children under 18 are advised to watch under adult supervision.

7. Stranger Things 2

The second season of the series really lived up to its present expectations. The characters, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Hopper (David Harbour), Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Will (Noah Schnapp), found themselves again at the eye of another terrific supernatural event. The duffer brothers have really created a masterpiece out of the storyline.

8. The Crown

It is a lavish tale based on a real-life story. Netflix drama series follows the early days of Queen Elizabeth II's reign. The overall budget of Crown is about $100 million, and quality of production is top notch. High emotional sequences and developed intricate plot points in Season 2, make the Crown more riveting than ever.


The series GLOW was created by  Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch and is a comedy based storyline. It revolves around of fictionalization of women's professional wrestling and its gimmicks in the year 1980. The first season aired on 23rd June 2017 and is also renewed for season 2 has 10 episodes in it. The series delivers a surprising tale of female empowerment that packs in plenty of fights, laughs, and drama along the way.

10. Mindhunter

In this series, the lead roles were played by Jonathan Groff (Glee, Frozen) and Holt McCallany (Fight Club, Lights Out) as FBI agents. The plotline takes place in late 1970s and revolves around the modern day process for profiling serial killers. It's a slow burn that encapsulates the current trend of true crime dramas without feeling formulaic. The show excels splendidly in critics review and is already renewed for season  2 by Netflix before its premiere.


Hope you guys have found the perfect series to binge watch in your next bucket list. Let us know if we missed any of the Netflix originals in the comments below.

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