Videocon D2H and Airtel : Launches Smart Set-up Boxes

Videocon D2H and Airtel : Launches Smart Set-up Boxes Videocon D2H and Airtel : Launches Smart Set-up Boxes

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With the recent advancement in technology, everything around us is getting an upgrade to smarter versions of themselves. Gone are the days of televisions on which you can only surf a limited package of channels provided by your cable operator. Now-a-days due to digitalisation set up boxes are getting smarter. 

Airtel and Videocon D2H are set to launch a brand new range of new STBs (Set-up boxes) in May this year.  It is speculated to be priced around Rs 3500 approx.
Currently devices like Apple TV and Google Chrome cast are ruling the whole market, but introduction of these smart boxes will surely cause a steady rift in a monotonous market of Smart Television.

According to Videocon D2H spokesperson, the official name of STBs will be branded as connected box. It can access Internet through three different ways an Ethernet cord, Wi-Fi module or through a USB dongle. Through STBs one can access his/her social media accounts, online music charts and multiplayer games too.

The main advantages of these STBs are, these will slowly eradicate the need of buying a costly Smart TVs. And also it is that STBs will also provide options to stream on-demand audio and video.

Initially STBs of Videocon D2H will have apps like Facebook, Twitter, NDTV, voot, Hotstar, Amazon prime video and Netflix.

To get ahead in the field, Videocon d2h has managed to sign a deal with Netflix. Now if you are a customer of Videocon d2h STBs, then you will have unlimited access to full library of Netflix TV and all new movies. You will only have to press a dedicated Netflix button on the provided remote and you are good to access the full library.

Airtel spokesperson mentioned that they were working on a new hybrid STB, that will able to watch TV and stream content simultaneously. According to industry experts, Airtel’s new STBs is said to be have potential to disrupt the market share of Google Chrome cast and Apple TV.

Both Airtel and Videocon d2h will have more than 600+ Channels and other services in both HD (High Definition) and SD (Standard Definition).

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