'Bleeding does not define us' - Women

'Bleeding does not define us' - Women 'Bleeding does not define us' - Women

by Manvi Sharma

The world is a beautiful place to live in, where the ability to create lies in your hand but we have failed to realize this and made a nuisance by our hypocrisies. Let’s take the example of the red colour- it’s often related to love, an emotion that is shared by two people who care for each other. On the other hand, the same colour is also portrayed as violence (bloodshed), especially when a war, or natural disaster occurs. Hypocrisy is in the traits of nature, one cannot ignore it. However, the colour red raises another definition from the point of womanhood – Menstruation.

Women play a vital role in this world. We are given the opportunity to live by a woman and being a woman in this decisive world is a hardship. Instead of celebrating womanhood, we happen to degrade them at all levels – physically, emotionally and even spiritually. As we are talking about womanhood, we must not forget the mark the beginning of it. We all know as soon as a girls starts to bleed, she has grown up and must be labelled a woman. Not answering any of her questions, we give her a pack of sanitary napkins and expect her to find the answers herself. The innocence is taken over by the nervousness of facing the world.

Women are considered ‘impure’ when they are going through their menstrual days since the ancient times. It has never been taken as a sign of strength, and continues to persist even nowadays. It is usually related to the rituals and traditions, by reasoning it with spirituality. Women have always been prohibited from doing daily chores, but no one tried to give it a scientific reasoning. But, let me enlighten you with a fact, doctors advice women not to do daily chores that women may do like washing utensils, washing clothes, lifting heavy objects because of the muscle contraction in the inner lining of the uterus during these days. Doing so might effect a woman’s health and may lead to infertility in later years. Surprised with the diplomacy done here, how we relate it to rituals and customs and not allowing a female to enter a temple, or pooja during her menstrual days. This is practiced even today, in the 21st century we are living in.

Somehow, the red colour has become an identity to womanhood, but not the intelligence and creativity we hold. We are known as women because we bleed, and not because we excel in our field and chase our dreams. Finding an answer to this in a society like the one we live in, may to lead to infinite questions which are not validate enough to question our existence. Therefore, we must not do not argue for the red colour, because it is just a piece of myself that comes only 5 days a month which is a part that we share, and can’t ignore it. Women are asking for accepting them the way they are, and don’t criticize them for voicing on things they go through.

Assuming the future, I would prefer the humanity to think about it and act accordingly to make the world a better place to live in.

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