The Top 10 e-Tailers in The World

The Top 10 e-Tailers in The World The Top 10 e-Tailers in The World

by Malissa Allen

When discussing the top 10 e-tailer’s in the world by the tallying of monthly visitors, e-bay and Amazon are the two most people think of first. These two giants make the cut, but there are a few surprises in the charts.

Take a look at the top 10 to make the list.

  • First in line is the company, Taobao, located in Hangzhou, China. This giant total's on average 602,550,542 visitors per month.
  • Next in line located in Seattle, Washington, USA. is Amazon. This well-known site averages an estimate of 524,470,572 visitors on a monthly cycle.
  • 3rd in line comes eBay. eBay is located in the San Francisco Bay, USA area, (hence its name) and estimates around 267,904,800 visitors per month.
  • 4th comes Alipay. Again we have a business located in Hangzhou, China that is raking in an estimate of 104,530,651 visitors per month.
  • 5th is Alibaba. Another company located in Hangzhou, China, marking on average 106,760,063 visitors per month.
  • 6th in line is Rakuten, located in Tokyo, Japan. Visitors average around 65,012,387 per month.
  • 7th we have Flipkart, located in Bangalore, India, brings on average 64,870,673 visitors per month.
  • 8th is Etsy. This popular site with women brings an average of 44,289,271 visitors per month and is located in New York, US.
  • 9th in line is Fiverr. Also located in New York, USA, brings an average of 53,670,235 visitors.
  • And, last, but not least is number 10, Snapdeal. Snapdeal is located in Delhi, India and brings in on average 30,232,183 visitors per months.

Countries Compete For High Ranks
eBay and Amazon are indeed giants, but, the popular Chinese business, Taobao is owned and operated by the company, Alibaba Group. What this means is, 3 out of 5 top companies, Alipay, Alibaba, and Taobao are part of the same company.

India, US, and China are the leaders in the e-tailer sites around the world. This makes perfect sense being they also make up for the most populous countries in the world. Japan comes in as a surprise, however, Rakuten, a Japan-based site, operates worldwide and has purchased companies in Canada, US, and the UK. making English its main language since merging into these countries in 2012.

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