Samsung S8 New Face Detection Bug Surfaced

Samsung S8 New Face Detection Bug Surfaced Samsung S8 New Face Detection Bug Surfaced

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As we all have heard the news that, Samsung on its newest model has provided max security option currently available in the market. To unlock the device you have to pass through any one of the four security module active on the phone. First one is Pin or Pattern, which can be used to access the device. Second is Fingerprint sensor, which could also be used to unlock the phone, if and only if you have beforehand registered your fingerprint in the device security settings. Through third one, you can unlock the device by keeping the phone at your eye level. Advanced iris scanner will automatically scan and unlocks the phone for usage. And the last one is, device’s Facial recognition system which can be used to unlock the contents of the device.

Couple of weeks back during a presentation Samsung introduced the extent of facial recognition feature in Galaxy S8. Basically it is meant to ease the process of unlocking the device. It will automatically unlock your phone as soon as you pick it up and bring it near your face. However, it appears that there is huge bug in this feature. Apparently you can fool the device software by only hovering a still picture of the registered owner of the device. 

Few days back a video emerged, showing how Galaxy S8 could easily be fooled with just a single picture.


Well one fact is unclear that, is that photo is taken from that specific distance and angle as taken by Galaxy G8 or just a random click of owner’s face. If it is the latter one then the bug is much bigger than currently we are speculating. In any case Samsung has to fix the bug before the official launch.

Galaxy S8 is set to be launch in April 21st, priced at around 60000 INR. 

So, what you think? Should Samsung introduce a new 3D camera module to resolve the bug or depend upon the engineers to fix the software code? Let us know in the comments below.

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