These 5 learnings could have saved life of Pradyuman

These 5 learnings could have saved life of Pradyuman These 5 learnings could have saved life of Pradyuman

by Dr. Nikita Vishal

Life is definitely of utmost important, and when it comes to a tragic end, it leaves us all bewildered and we start searching for the reasons and safety measures pertaining to it. The tragic end to Pradyuman’s life (the Ryan student who recently made into headlines because of the cold murder) had arose many questions on our upbringing as well. He could definitely be saved if his parents have taught him about the numerous challenges which he can face while in school. If he was taught well about the good touch and the bad touch. But no, since we think our kid is too young to understand these tricky things and gestures, it brought his life to a horrible end. Here are 5 things related to school going kids which could have saved Pradyuman’s life:

Teach them upon Good touch and Bad touch
As a parent, it should be our responsibility to teach our kids about Bad touch and Good Touch. In day to day life, people come across to our kids, in order to bless them, caress them and love them, but there is a difference in the touch when the caressing is done by in order to exploit the kid. We need to train our little fellows about the same so that they can differentiate and raise a voice as and when required.

Empower them to Say No
Make them the owner of their deeds. Let them be free to decide what they want to do and what they don’t as they should be prompt when it comes to decision making. Tell them you are always around, whatsoever may be the consequence so that they can say NO to things which does not seem feasible to them.

Don’t force them to do things
Don’t push your child for any reason, even if you wish them to do something and they deny, take it lightly they are kids. Forcing them to do something creates a valley in the relation, hence they start to maintain a distance and stop sharing things with you. If they will not share concerns you will never be able to foresee the results. Hence, build a relation of a friend with your kid even being 3ce of their age.

Tell them about Predators in School
School is the second place, where your kid will spend his maximum time of the day. Beware him about the predators who could be eyeing on him/her as their next prey. Ask them to raise questions if they find something objectionable. These predators can range from the school maid to the Nanny and A teacher to the cabbie who drives them home.

Do Roleplaying order to teach Reactions
Playing is definitely fun, and when as a parent you do role-play with them you can get to know a lot of things happening around them on daily basis. This will give you enough of a hint to plan your next action and teach the kid the reaction to the issue raised.

If Pradyuman’s mom had told him about the bad touch, then the day initially something bad happened with him he may have reported it to the mom and the danger could be sensed. But sadly, it was not brought into practice looking at the young age and the impact it will leave on the kid. Result was inhuman , his parents lost their child who was sexually exploiting Pradyuman, and by the time he realized and reported , he didn’t had enough breath to fight against those who did wrong to him. It is advised to train your kid on things which are or can happen around them and the best action they can take. They are good learner, it is just a fine tuning which you need to do so that they can save themselves when you are not around. Wake up, Candle March is not the solution, Enlightenment is…. Teach your Kid about Goods and Bads of the society.

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