Social Media - Boon or Bane?

Social Media - Boon or Bane? Social Media - Boon or Bane?

by Admin

With the change of era, the lifestyle has changed. Not only for the youths but of people from every age group. The prominent factor behind this change is social media. I would not say it is only the youth, after seeing a group of women nearly 35 years old taking selfies, or men of nearly 50 years of age sharing their fitness that is not accomplished yet. At the same time we cannot deny the fact that it ruled by youth leading to various other changes. 

Technology made lives easier way before social media, but social media improvised and introduced a new way of living. It is amazingly surprising how we reach to our friends with whom we have spoken to since years, or with whom we lost a track and now it is just a click away. Mingling with our old friends makes it way special, and all thanks to social media. Other than this, many people use social media to broadcast their work which is oftenly appreciated. Creativity comes along with such a platform which is open to all, and welcomes all kinds of art. Inspiration is another growing factor with it. Various kinds of experiences being shared and real life stories spoken about inspires a common man to go through a bad day.

Taking a deeper look, social media has given a platform to raise our voices on any subject of that matter, and firmly out casting them to the world. For the people who cannot reach out for help, or convey their message in person to the authorities, or even to the public uses social media as an affirmative tool to express themselves. In a way, social media has also taught us to be expressive and bold enough to portray ourselves in order to sustain our identity. We are trying to understand the meaning of freedom through the freedom of expression that is still lacking behind and social media is helping in framing a new perspective. 

As the quote suggests, every coin has two sides. Similarly, social media brings along the negative part too. Since the generation has become tech addicted, it lessens the value of personal relationships which is much more important. It is observed that people fail to realize the importance of our own personal lives, and are usually caught up in flaunting their virtual achievements. Continuous involvement would lead to health problems, and even stress. Since social media is widely open all over the world, it also increases the privacy risks which leads to threatening consequences. Cybercrime is rapidly spreading all over the world and is not only limited to social media now. Authorities have been working since to secure people’s lives. One should not worry as the problem always have a solution. For such cases, there are cybercrime helpline numbers that will help you through it. 

Looking at both the sides of the matter, it depends on how we use it. Smartness lies in using it appropriately, without effecting your personal life and safeguarding all your personal details. Take advantage of the technology you are being offered with keeping in mind all the precautions. The safety lies in your own hand. Keep it safe, and stay healthy.

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