New York to be the first state to offer free college

New York to be the first state to offer free college New York to be the first state to offer free college

by Malissa Allen

If you are a resident in New York and want to attend college but feel you can't afford it, you're in good luck. The state of New York is now the first state in America that will offer free tuition for those that fit the required low to middle -class bracket. The new law is for students wishing to take two-year and four-year degree course.

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, first introduced the plan to the state budget committee in January of this year. Lawmakers unanimously agreed to add the projected cost into the state's budget, which was then approved by the Board of Assembly, making its way for approval in the Senate. The next phase is for the Governor to sign the pending bill, which is heading to his desk before the end of April.

Seizing the political moment

Gov. Cuomo seized the momentum that young Democrats rallied around during the drama-filled 2016 Presidential race between now President Donald Trump and the fallen one, Hillary Clinton. Cuomo pledged on Tuesday that the state will cover the tuition cost of state colleges for several thousands of low-to- middle classed income state residents.

The bill covers residents that make up to a specific income range which then will spread in phases over the next three years. With the Gov.'s Plan, students have to be accepted in a University or a state college to receive the free tuition offer, adding emphasis on the state's 2-year colleges for those whose families make $125,000.00 a year or less.

Mr. Cuomo's determination with such plan was a target Bernie Sanders led his close political race against Hilary Clinton for president with. He too believes that college should be free for all New York residents.

Senator Sanders who spoke candidly during his political run about the high cost of college and a student loan debt of $1 trillion. The surge to pass the law also could be from the low attendance in college due to low incomes, and Cuomo's concern about the future of his state.

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