Android Edged Out Windows for the first time

Android Edged Out Windows for the first time Android Edged Out Windows for the first time

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In this age of Modernisation mobile is a crucial part of our life. Nowadays there are lot of OS (Operating system) available in the market upon which different phones runs on. Among those,there are two major competitors  Windows and Android. Windows have ruled the market from beginning of the competition.

Recently during a research by StatCounter (Web analytics Company), It has been discoverd that for the first time Android has cross the tipping point and leading the Windows Phone OS. In March 2017, Percentage of users used Android is 37.93 and Windows in 37.91. The small gap between the ratio of percentage have indicated that  Android OS achieved some real growth in recent years.

Among 15 billion page views and tracked 2.5 million websites, StatCounter has generated a chart between two Operation systems. The chart clearly depicts the rise of Android OS over Windows OS.

In spite of the fact that these charts doesn't draw a correct correlation between both the OS, but there's a good reason behind this pattern occurring. 

As the population is growing people are buying more and more mobile phone to remain connected. As Android is much simpler to use and have lot of other functionality than Window OS, People are opting for Android powered phones.This is why the the stats are in favour of Android.

Additionally Windows is not only losing edge in Operation System market. Apparently Android is also taking over the Browser market. Slowly browser market is also pulled towards the Chrome And Canary. Chrome’s overall usage stats are on all time high, it is speculated that google has taken over 300 million customers from Microsoft during this hassle.

Well, according to me this competition doesn’t seem to going to end any time soon. What do you think? Will Android will be able to take over everything? Or Microsoft is silently planning a comeback ?

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