Facebook Has Successfully Launched A Photo Sharing App In China

Facebook Has Successfully Launched A Photo Sharing App In China Facebook Has Successfully Launched A Photo Sharing App In China

by Abhranil Das

China has world’s most strict internet censorship at the moment. Due to various bills and law passed in the country, almost 60 percent of the internet regulation is twerked by Chinese government. China is the only country that has its own state owned ISP’s. Yesterday Facebook has successfully launched an anonymous Photo sharing app in the China's app store. This move made by Facebook justifies their concept of revolutionizing the whole world including the internet restricted countries. 

In China, Communist Party almost dictates users to what to see and access. All internet traffic across the country have been filtered by the ruling party. Facebook is itself blocked in China due to strict privacy rulings. 

But yesterday Facebook has launched the app called "Colorful Balloons". Earlier it was launched in the country but doesn’t have any connection with Facebook branding. But yesterday Facebook has finally confirmed that it was indeed their app placed in the China app store. 

It was released under a hood of a local company Youge Internet Technology but yesterday NY times has confirmed the rumor that Facebook is the main developer of this app. The app was launched on the occasion that users could slowly evade the country internet censorship and access all websites available in the internet space.

You must have heard last month only, users of WhatsApp messaging service have complained that they cannot send any pictures through the service without using any kind of Virtual private server. This incident sparks a conflict in the technology world and Chinese officials have to accept the blame. The reason behind the suppression of is the untimely death of imprisoned Nobel peace laureate “Liu Xiaobo” in the country.

China Telecom Limited has sent a letter to its customers last month about the changes in the internet censorship policies. The letter mentioned that the links which are created as direct encrypted links between computers can be used to access the blocked sites in Beijing. But it will only permit them to connect them to companies foreign sites. 

Chinese authorities have also long blocked Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and even some email services from getting users from their country. 

What do you think about the app launched by Facebook? What are your views on Chinese strict Internet censorship? Do let us know in the comments below.

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