Snap Signed A Deal of 100$ Million With Time Warner For Mini Series Advertising

Snap Signed A Deal of 100$ Million With Time Warner For Mini Series Advertising Snap Signed A Deal of 100$ Million With Time Warner For Mini Series Advertising

by Abhranil Das

Snap earlier known as snapchat has signed marked deal of $100 million with Time Warner on this Monday to produce a series of 10 unique shows for its signed messaging application. 

The shows will originate from all edges of the Time Warner domain including its popular HBO and Turner TV networks and Warner Bros. motion picture studio. It will also help Snapchat to expand its dominance from one show to three. 

During last fall when the distasteful comments from Snapchat ex-employee stirs up the rich-poor diversity in india, Snap shares have taken a big hit also due to poor user retention. After the announcement on Monday it rose to 1.9 percent to close at $17.88. 

At the moment Time Warner officials in Cannes, France declined to talk about how promotion income will be shared between the two companies or to what extent new content will be hosted in Snapchat.

The recently proprietor of Snapchat as of late recent had been putting forth promoters various offers to get into bed with its diminishing content. Time Warner announced that they will help snapchat to grow again its user retention base by making short videos of duration of 3 to 5 minutes and also will spends on suitable adverts spreading to snapchat.

Snap is trying in Cannes to sign whatever number new advertisers along new partners and accomplices as could be allowed to juice its quarterly profit. Video adverts companies mentioned that it is much easier to work with Snapchat than its rival company Facebook that because snapchat executes the projects much faster.

Chief overseeing strategic procedure officer Imran Khan was in Cannes meeting new advertising companies this week and went to a Hearst supper. Hearst's main substance officer, Joanna Coles, is also on the board member committee of Snapchat.

The deal is yet another sign of tech based companies looking for premium video from traditional outlets to fuel their ad revenue. Snapchat’s sales unit is run by Jeff Lucas, who was a former ad sales boss at Viacom.

Snap has deals with several media outlets including Turner network, NFL, BBC, Discovery Networks, Scripps Networks, MGM Television, A+E Networks, Vertical Networks and VICE.

The arrangement is yet another indication of tech based organizations searching for premium video from conventional outlets to fuel their advertisement income. Snapchat's business unit is controlled by Jeff Lucas, who was a previous in charge of promotional deals manager at Viacom. 

Snap has also already managing a few media outlets including Discovery Networks, Turner networks, BBC, Scripps Networks, NFL, MGM Television, VICE, A+E Networks and Vertical Networks.

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