Google Is Creating It's Own File Sharing App

Google Is Creating It's Own File Sharing App Google Is Creating It's Own File Sharing App

by Abhranil Das

Earlier this week tech giant Google rubbished rumours of their latest leaked app speculated as new file sharing app. Few of the keen observers find the app on the playstore and started downloading the same and at the following day google pulled out the app from the playstore to contain leak damage but today morning it is back again on the Playstore.

Initially the app is named as “Files Go” (Beta). The app has two main utilities, one is to act as your phone file manager and on another hand, it acts like a file sharing app without a network connection.

Upon checking the beta version of the app, it is found to have lots of various useful tools into its arsenal like cache cleaner, image detector, duplicate files founder, large file separator, unused apps reminder, etc. There are also various settings which one can use to get different types of reminder notification regarding their phone memory and internal space.

Like Es explorer, Files Go (Beta) allows user to access the innermost shell of stored data without having root privileges. Aside from the function of a wonderful file manager it has another section allows the user to send or receive various formats of files by creating a VPN server across the device. It also provides a simplified UI to manage the send and the received files from another user.

Currently this app is not available for every region since Google hasn't been launched it officially. If you could find the app in your regions play store, head over to and download it from there. Well let me warn you beforehand that app is still in beta and lots of bugs are crawling within it.

It seems that Google took the initiative to make the file sharing app after success of Apple's AirDrop. Well it has not yet reached the same level as of AirDrop, but who can say what will happen next as the app is still in Beta progress.

Interested viewers can find the Files Go app here.

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