Amazon Shuts Down Its “Underground Actually Free Program"

Amazon Shuts Down Its “Underground Actually Free Program" Amazon Shuts Down Its “Underground Actually Free Program"

by Abhranil Das

Amazon initially reported that the “Actually Free Program” launched in August of 2015, was intended to supplant the organization's previous "Free application of the day" and other promotion app campaigns through the Amazon Store. The Underground Actually Free program gave Android gadget proprietors an approach to get a huge number of dollars from applications, music apps, games and in-app purchases. In return, developers who joined and keep their apps and in-app purchases as a part of this program they have received a minimal amount of cash from Amazon, in light of how much time their applications were played per-minute basis.

Today, Amazon noticed that since Underground Actually Free started, its application store has extended to incorporate more than 800,000 Games and apps. In any case, it would appear that the organization is going in an alternate heading for its application store. They declared that after May 31, designers will not able to submit anymore applications or games to the Underground Actually Free program. Any such applications that were distributed in the program before that date can in any case be updated periodically until the end of 2019, and developers will in any case be paid for the time clients spend on those applications until their agreements run out.

A similar compensation Amazon had attempted before was with its Kindle Unlimited membership service, which paid royalties to authors in view of what number of pages individuals read.

For Android proprietors, access to the Underground Actually Free store will end at some point in the mid year of 2017, however those clients will in any case have the accessibility to play any applications downloaded on their gadget from that program. In the event that you claim an Amazon Fire tablet, you can at present get to the Underground Actually Free store and download applications and games until the finish of 2019.

Amazon noted in its declaration that application developers can even now offer in-application purchases of marked shirts through its Merch by Amazon program. Additionally, it will keep on supporting acquiring applications in its store with the utilization of Amazon Coins. Be that as it may, the closed down of the Underground Actually Free application program could keep many individuals from attempting Amazon's application store. Ideally, we will take in more about the organization's feasible arrangements for its Android-based application store sooner rather than later.

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