PIR Motion Sensors - The new face of technology

PIR Motion Sensors - The new face of technology PIR Motion Sensors - The new face of technology

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Motion sensors are the newest and hottest technological gadgets in the markets. These high tech gadgets enable in protecting seniors at homes without the help of others to constantly monitor their movements. They ensure the safety and security of senior members of the family. This means that no one has to constantly remain with the senior citizens at home. They can always be assured of the safety and security of the elders of the family.

These motion sensors can be placed on walls in any part of the house or on terraces, under the mattresses, in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and under rugs. These motion sensors automatically alert the other members of the family about any possible threats to any senior member of the family. It alerts any signs of possible trouble which might be happening to a senior Mum or Dad at home. It enables the discovery of any illness, in case the senior member falls sick or suffers serious falls or injuries. 

It enables seniors to live on their own for as long as they live. These motion sensors are first well tested before actual planting in places, so that there are no possible defects or discrepancies existing in these gadgets. 

Many seniors prefer not to be a burden on their families and children, so they usually prefer living by themselves thinking that they will be capable of looking after themselves. These motion sensors are placed in bathrooms and rugs to prevent the elderly from tripping, slipping and falling down. What makes these motion sensors even better is that they come with remote controls, alarms, and emergency buttons which are fitted to these motion sensors. These controls and emergency buttons are attached to the person of the seniors at home so that they can trigger the alarms during emergencies. 

These motion sensors are amazing as they discover signs of restlessness in beds, chairs, etc; they also are capable of spotting a sudden drop in the day time activities of the elders. Some motion sensors are capable of making pill bottles to buzz, as a reminder for the senior to take his/her medicines. Other sensors are capable of switching off gas stoves and burners, if they are left on for long. 

The sensors which are placed under mattresses can monitor respiratory problems, kidney problems, and even the heart’s pulse of the senior family member. They can also detect heat failures, urinary infections, rise in diabetic symptoms, etc.  They also detect changes in the manner of usual walking and gait of a particular senior and alerts the children of these elderly people who are under treatment and recovery. 

These sensors are also capable of alerting the elderly of possible obstacles and dangers in their paths. These motion sensors alert nurses, caretakers or any other friends or family of the elderly person. However, the price tag that comes with these motion sensors are reasonable for the various alerts, emergency and life saving features that come along with. What makes these motion sensors even more alluring is that they come with monthly servicing at nominal rates.

In the 21st century, it has almost become fascinating to look at all the different innovations that are coming up in the field of technology. Technology has nearly achieved everything that, only a few years ago, we thought was far-fetched. Maybe it is about time that we replace the future with the present in our daily life!

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