Google Launched Made For India App Initiative In Bangalore

Google Launched Made For India App Initiative In Bangalore Google Launched Made For India App Initiative In Bangalore

by Abhranil Das

Today, in Bangalore Google has hosted one the first App Excellence summit for app developers. In the seminar, Google launched its ‘ Made for India’ program, which will help users to find relevant apps with much more optimized search parameters. 

This initiative will also help developers to find their target audience with many conveniences without much advertising. The program is launched while keeping in mind the app niche users prefer most and kind of device they use it in. 

"At Google Play, we are committed to helping Indian developers of all sizes seize this opportunity and build successful, locally relevant businesses," said Purnima Kochikar, Google Play Director in charge, "A lot of what we do at Google Play is support developers' imaginations and make Android consumers aware of the amazing new experiences our developers are creating."

With everyday increasing population and easier access to mobile devices, Indians are prime users of Google Play. Head of Business Development at Google Play said that almost 70% are using 2G services to access internet on daily basis. And a major part of the country uses smartphones in the range of 6k - 10k which means they are not able to access apps which are designed for premium range phones. This is one disadvantage that a developer has to overcome somehow without compromising in user experience.

"You have to think about connectivity, and device compatibility, data cost, battery usage, content, and commerce," he added. 

So, these  Made for India apps will be specially designed, keeping in mind the limitations and expectations of Indian Market without compromising user experience. There will be a procedure where developers could apply online to review their app to see whether they meet these requirements. 

Soni also talked to various developers present in the seminar about different types of tools available at their disposal for ensuring the quality of the apps wouldn’t drop, also these tools will help them to visualize and meet most of the requirements of the Indian market. 

"We've also taken away a lot of friction, and today Indian users have the option of paying via carrier billing, through cash by buying gift cards with just a tap on an app." said Kochikar.

So, what do you this about this initiative of Google? Do let us know your views in the comments below.

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