You gotta Check This Amazing App called “Sarahah”

You gotta Check This Amazing App called “Sarahah” You gotta Check This Amazing App called “Sarahah”

by Abhranil Das

If you’re a regular user of any of the popular social media, then you must have come across some links directing over an website called Sarahah?

So, from over last few weeks social media is buzzed with this new app like social media called Sarahah, specially Facebook. This app is actually been placed in Google play from over a month now. Initially the app has its prime exposure in the places like Saudi Arabia and Egypt, but suddenly from last week it has implored all over India.

Basically Sarahah app is an anonymous site in which users could send other users any kind of text based message without revealing their name. The founders of the app has justified their concept by saying that “people could really improve their flawed qualities by receiving anonymous feedback about their habits”.


How Sarahah works?

This app works in a very simple way. First you have to visit their website and create your own account with a distinct name and profile link, which anyone can visit. Also there is an option where people who are not registered on Sarahah could also send you anonymous messages. Even if people are logged in the messages type is anonymous by default, but sender can choose to tag their identity.

There are three separate columns for messages in the app. On the receivers end there are four options inbox, flag, delete, reply, favourite. All the messages first show up in the inbox section, afterwards you can move or flag them as per your choices. Or even favourite them to find the best one later.

There are also lot of filters that can be used like, you can block a sender from sending you any further luwid messages or you can set the option such that a registered user can only send your anonymous feedback not everyone else.

There is also a downfall of using this app. Providing users anonymity of sending text is always gonna backfire if proper precaution is not taken. There are lot of people who has taken advantage of this feature and have sent a series of hate messages against to vent out their grudge. Even app store reviews also warn new users as this app is not for weak hearted users.

Currently the app is trending on the Google play and have over more than 10k positive mixed reviews.

Sarahah is available for both Android and iOS systems at free of cost.

Let us know your experience while using the app in the comments below. Or you could also send me a anonymous message in Sarahah. My username is abhranild04.

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