Facebook Introduces Free Wifi Feature: Find Wifi

Facebook Introduces Free Wifi Feature: Find Wifi Facebook Introduces Free Wifi Feature: Find Wifi

by Abhranil Das

Facebook is slowly began to slowly testing out the water for all the latest features introduced for assisting all the mobile users to search and connect to all the nearby open wifi networks. Facebook has already started testing the feature from last years onwards. Facebook official said that they were slowly expanding their program towards every individual phones using Messenger services. They have started with iOS first for pentesting and after a few road bumps in tweeks, they were making the “Find Wifi” feature available for both iOS and android phones worldwide.The feature will be most efficient in those areas having scarcity of good mobile networks and will help the user on move to access better Internet connectivity available nearby.

This feature could help a lot of people in rural areas and also currently emerging areas having poor cell reception due geographical barriers could certainly happy to try out this feature.Specially those areas having high rate mobile data plans and limited access to them in general.

If you’re already using the Messenger app, you will find this feature under the option “More” after swiping from the left corner of your mobile screen.Once you click on the “Find Wi-Fi” option, Device manager/ Facebook will ask your permission to turn on the wifi and search for available open networks nearby. After a brief scan it will give the names of all the networks and their exact location around you.

If incase you’re not able to find the option under more tab, just update your app afterwards you will easily find the option under that hood.

Also few days back Facebook has hit the 2 billion mark in their monthly user base. Among them more than 60% people use the Messenger app to interact with one another. This feature will also help locate different type of business around a particular locality. It means that the users instead of scrambling in google maps for a decent coffee or a place to eat, they could just look it up through this feature. 

VIdeo: https://www.facebook.com/facebook/videos/10155980160956729/

A Facebook spokesperson has confirmed that they were already started rolling out this feature globally on all Messenger supported devices.

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