Facebook’s new video chat device ‘Aloha’ could seriously par with Amazon’s Echo Show

Facebook’s new video chat device ‘Aloha’ could seriously par with Amazon’s Echo Show Facebook’s new video chat device ‘Aloha’ could seriously par with Amazon’s Echo Show

by Abhranil Das


A few weeks back it was reported that the tech media giant Facebook is working with its own patented video chat device for modern day houses.

Yesterday only, Executive Andrew Bosworth has confirmed those reports of emerging new video chat device from their organization. He said that Facebook is now trying to build around its hardware for their targeted customers across the world.

As reported by an international media outlet, Andrew is going to oversee Oculus and Building 8 both for their intended upgrades. Mike Schroepfer confirmed in an official statement that Facebook has appointed Bosworth as the new head of Facebook’s hardware division.

“We are excited about our long-term investments in virtual reality, augmented reality, and consumer hardware,” spokesperson commented. “We believe these new technologies have the potential to bring the world closer together in entirely new ways, and we've built great teams with strong leadership in each of these areas. Bringing these teams closer together will help us move even faster as we continue to invest in our 10-year roadmap.”

As of the last update, Facebook’s new hardware team includes former Xiaomi executive Hugo Barra and former Google executive Regina Dugan.

Earlier this month IBN reported that tech giant’s video chat device will launch with a sensitive touch screen display having a screen size of near about 13-15 inch (measured diagonally). It is rumored to come with inbuilt microphones, speakers, and a good camera. It will run on Google’s own latest operating system, reported Bloomberg.

It was apparently codenamed Aloha until its release in the market. According to Facebook’s engineers, it is capable enough to identify individual faces. Few of its prototypes models are already sent to pre-signed employees of Facebook for further feedback.

Right now, the only worthy competitor in the market is Amazon Echo Show. Right now, the only concerns for Facebook engineers are growing privacy violation in part of Aloha Project. Some users are concerned that, this product may be used to spy on other people's home which includes intimate privacy breach.

But, Facebook dismissing all these rumors said that this product will not violate any users privacy and in fact will help elderly users to easily communicate with their families and friends.

The device is expected to launch in the month of May 2018 and would cost $499.

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