Google Launches Areo: A better version of Yellow pages

Google Launches Areo: A better version of Yellow pages Google Launches Areo: A better version of Yellow pages

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Like yellow pages, Google has silently pushed its new app in the app store market without much promotion or any official statement. The app is named Areo and right now it is only available in India only. Areo specifically allows users to order food, pay electric bills, book a beautician at home, call a plumber or a carpenter.

The app has no functionality of its own; it just brings a bunch of different services under a single umbrella. It collects all the numbers from different databases available on the internet and deliver those contact details to the users.

For example, if you are feeling hungry and want to order food at home then, you can browse between Faasos, Freshmenu and Box8. For other services like beautician or repairman, UrbanClap is at your 24x7 doorstep service.

As of Thursday afternoon, the app is currently supported in the regions near Delhi and few parts of Bangalore. But with passage of time a whole lot of areas will come into the grid.

The usability of Areo and overall experience is very straightforward and simple. It is efficient in use and saves trouble of going to multiple apps for different services. 
This app could achieve something great, if Google acts swiftly and increase the variety of services in the app. Slowly Areo will be able to diminish the usage of multiple third-party apps. But Areo is specifically build to work with Google maps only. Payments can be made via debit or credit cards, COD or netbanking.

Right now it is not known exactly how Google is planning to make money with Areo. Speculation is- definitely there going to be a percentage of revenue share on commission on orders. The main concern is, is Google going to allow advertisements in the application? And if that is indeed the case, is there going to be a paid app without the advertisements?

Is Google Areo going to kill all local delivery start-ups? Comment your opinions in the comments below.

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