Facebook Launches ‘gif’ Image Format: Gif Image Feature Is Live Now On Facebook

Facebook Launches ‘gif’ Image Format: Gif Image Feature Is Live Now On Facebook Facebook Launches ‘gif’ Image Format: Gif Image Feature Is Live Now On Facebook

by Abhranil Das

Facebook after successfully launching the lite version of the Fb Messenger app about a week ago for the Indian marketplace, they were now testing a new feature for its iOS user base.This new feature is absolute necessary for ever growing fan base and also in the survey conducted, people loved it. For the last few days luckily iOS users accessing the Facebook with its original app saw a new gif mode while updating status. If you own an iPhone, just swipe left to access the camera from the Facebook app, you will notice a new option to record your customized gif.

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It is quite a news for all the gif providing services on the web, Facebook has adopted this type of image format in the fall of 2015. Previously facebook doesn’t support any kind of gif images whether they were sent in Messenger or uploaded as status, to them it is way to chaotic to handle. But clearly, as the popularity of the image format starts growing, Facebook introduce them to the world. And from last few weeks Facebook tweaked its algorithm and allows users to use them in the comments section too.

As of now all the users using iOS device can create their own customized gifs and share them in their timeline. You can also post to your page or save it locally in the phone. If you opt for saving locally on the phone, they will be saved as video format rather than gif format.This is done to make the feature exclusive to the Facebook platform. Currently, the gifs you’re able to make are of short duration since Facebook developers are testing the depth of this feature. But you can use effects and frames as previously available.

As of now, only iPhone users are able to access this feature, for android this feature is currently in beta testing phase and is soon to be launched. Chances are if you are a Facebook android Application tester you have already had this feature in your grip for other users it's just a matter of days before they can lay hands on this feature.

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