Google Launches Its Own Security Application: Google Play Protect

Google Launches Its Own Security Application: Google Play Protect Google Launches Its Own Security Application: Google Play Protect

by Abhranil Das

Good news people. Google is finally rolling an app called Play Protect for all available android running devices. It will be compatible with all the devices running Google Mobile Services 11 or any later version. Google Play Protect automatically scans all the installed apps on the device for any malicious code before it becomes active. It also scans each app before its installation to prevent any foreign software code installation. While play protect is enabled in a device, a small icon representing security appears on the notification bar.

“Google Play Protect continuously works to keep your device, data, and apps safe. It actively scans your device and is constantly improving to make sure that you have the latest in mobile security. Your device is automatically scanned around the clock to give you peace of mind,” claims Google Play Protect website.
Google Play Protect also lets users use the ‘Find My Device’ feature through its app. As before people can remotely trace their phone, make it ring loudly, lock their phone or even erase all the contents on the phone. But the condition for that is the phone must be connected to the internet and user must have been signed in into his primary Google account to make this feature work. Play Protect allows all the feature which was previously provided by Android Device Manager.
As The Play Protect makes it way into the market, Google wows to scan each and every app before even allowing them to be available on Google Play also. Previously few malicious app make its way through the back door but now those exceptions will not be happening. It even comes with a ‘Safe Browsing’ feature for Chrome app that will prevent users from accessing harmful sites or malware-infected pages.

The decision of making this app available was based on wrecks caused by apps including Judy and Xavier. This malware spread affects over 36.6 million users all across the world and over 800 application were breached in the Play Store. 

Currently, Google Play Protect card is slowly rolling out to all its user's region wise. In a meanwhile teams from Google are still trying to improve the app exponentially to eradicate all malware breached apps in the Play Store and further protect users device from getting infected.

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