Google Ends Android M Beta program and Introduced Android O

Google Ends Android M Beta program and Introduced Android O Google Ends Android M Beta program and Introduced Android O

by Abhranil Das

Just a few days back the tech giant (Google) has announced in its annual conference "Google I/O", that they have decided to end the official Android "Nougat" Beta development program and will soon introduce Android "O" Beta program. 

In its official website Google updated stating thanks to all the users for their interest in the previous successful launch of Android M, which is also known as Android Nougat. It is also mentioned that all users should update their OS to the most recent public version of Nougat.

"On the off chance that if someone is still yet running a beta rendition of Nougat, they can download the most recent version of  OTA image for their device gadget, Also they won't have to wipe their respective devices to sideload it.

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Nobody has any clue about  what the "O” Stands for in Android O. Recently Google had posted some of the new insightful info about the new elements of the all-new working framework. The tech goliath has abruptly launched the Android O preview version  into the market, but it is only accessible  just for engineers. Google had done the same thing in back 2017 when they launched Android Nougat ahead of their own I/O conference. Right now, the Android O can only be used just in the latest Google devices. The engineer's build of Android O can be utilized on smartphones like Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Pixel XL, and Pixel devices including Pixel C tablet, and Nexus Player Android set-best boxes. Users can also download the official ROM from Google original Server itself. Since this version has been only launched for developers only normal uses may face a lot of bugs and issues in case they have flash it in their devices.

Android O guarantees to address those applications that bug users with multiple notifications and pop-up ads by offering a wide range of options included into a feature called Notification Channels. Users can specifically set each application to a particular class and could also choose to block their notification access or modify any property including vibrations, lights and security access. It is also reported to fix some of the battery consuming bugs hence increasing its battery life. Also by decreasing the no of location updates, background services it will make more RAM available for consumption.

As reports suggested Google is expected to launch Android O at a conference in San Francisco this month only.

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