WhatsApp Update: Now You Can Delete Your Text Before Recipient Reads It

WhatsApp Update: Now You Can Delete Your Text Before Recipient Reads It WhatsApp Update: Now You Can Delete Your Text Before Recipient Reads It

by Abhranil Das

WhatsApp with over one billion daily users globally is steadily leaving behind all of the recent popular online messaging apps these days. With each passing day, the Facebook acquired Whatsapp is rolling out surprisingly rolling out features after feature in its ever coming updates and users couldn’t be more happy with these changes. WhatsApp picture stories are the most popular one till now and having outstanding daily users of 250 million peoples. And text based stories is also gaining an impressive momentum during these last few weeks.

Few days back only Whatsapp has developing the in-picture video chat window, which means if are video chatting to someone in WhatsApp and urgently have to use its text based services to send a message or file to another recipient then you can easily do that and video window will become small and move to corner for convenience of call.

Now as of today morning, Whatsapp beta’s twitter handle tweets that they were working on the unsend feature that users are demanding from an earlier version of the app. After this update, users soon can delete texts from the server before the recipient could read them.

Source: tech.firstpost.com

“Delete for everyone feature: WhatsApp is finally testing the Delete for Everyone feature: the server finally works and it successfully recalls the message. Also if the server works, this does not mean that the feature is currently enabled. It will be remotely enabled later and seen that WhatsApp “enabled” their servers for the Delete for Everyone feature, it may really be enabled soon,” read WABetaInfo’s tweet.

The feature is said to be already pushed to our phones, but it will be remotely activated after a decent pentesting routine to eliminate any residue bugs in the feature. 
A report in a popular website suggests that users of this feature could recall any messages within five minutes of sending them. The feature will work all types of messages text, video, images, GIFs and even documents. But there is a tricky condition, the message they want to erase from the server and recipient phone shouldn’t be opened beforehand by the recipient or else the feature wouldn’t work in this scenario.

On a previous occasion, WhatsApp has hinted that this feature could become live in the 2.17.30+ version of the app. They have been testing this feature for quite some time and due to some technical difficulties, features couldn’t roll out in previous versions of the app.

So, if have already updated your app to version 2.17.30 or any higher version then just wait for the feature to be remotely activated and if not then heads towards Google Play store and update and pending updates of Whatsapp. This feature will be simultaneously activated for both Android and iPhone users.

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