Google And Facebook Takes Initiative To Popularise Stories For News

Google And Facebook Takes Initiative To Popularise Stories For News Google And Facebook Takes Initiative To Popularise Stories For News

by Abhranil Das

Modernisation has taken the whole world at its pace. In the digital world after long posts, videos shared posts everything has come together and given rise to stories. If you’re a regular user of social media, then you must be familiarized with the concept of stories.

Stories are a small streak of one’s life moments, captured in an instant. Stories have the ability to express a moment in such a way that it hooks the viewers to witness the moment come alive on the screen in front.

A few days back, two social media giants Google and Facebook have decided that stories format are more reliable for news sharing. As the format was first introduced by Snapchat (now Snap), they have allowed the usage of this feature to different publishers to connect to the more teen based audience, who prefer Stories over long explained posts.

A tech majored website has reported that Facebook has allowed public figures to share Stories to their fans. While this feature is still now integrated into the pages but work is still in progress to incorporate these into pages. Facebook is also said to be testing the Stories to be made visible from the desktop client through their platform.

One another group of developers are beta testing on another feature dubbed as ‘Stamp’. The stamp is combining two of the most efficient mode of loading information, Stories and Google’s Accelerated Mobile pages. This feature will enable users to share videos, photos in real time which can also be hosted on any third party website. 

In 2016 reportatively Google has invested over a $30 billion to acquire Snapchat IPO. But Snap CEO has rejected has $3 billion buyouts from Facebook in 2013 and still have no interest to sell the company. With the passage of time, Google is slowing getting behind in this Stories's war, and Snap is also not keen on an allegiance. 

If Google and Facebook both can popularize this new Stories- AMP format, they could make a huge impact in the journalism sector of the world. This will attract more publishers to the platform and also viewers will also easily get the data they yearn for. Also with the introduction of Stamp the perfect content distribution chain could be built.

So what do you think of this new feature ? Let us know in the comments below.

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