Apple Sneakers Lost and Found Bidding Game

Apple Sneakers Lost and Found Bidding Game Apple Sneakers Lost and Found Bidding Game

by Subham Roy

Remember the 90’s when Apple launched the color desktop for the first time in this world? What you don’t know is the fact that they once made an exclusive collection of shoes. Those shoes are now getting auctioned for a very fancy rate.

Those units were sold to some of the luckiest employees at the end of the 90’s as reported by BitRebels. They later sold those units on eBay for a price of 79 USDs in 2007.

The location and details of the shoes were hitting nowhere. One day, Leon Benrimon who happens to be the Director of Modern and Contemporary Art at Heritage Auctions, discovered those lost shoes at a garage sale that was held in San Francisco.

Now Heritage Auction took the liberty of auctioning them in Beverly Hills. The bidding starts at 11 am on 11th of June. According to Benrimon, the auction can hike the price of those sneakers up to a price of 30k USDs. But the initial bidding will start from a base level of 15k USDs as the base price.

"These sneakers are truly unique and have rarely been seen or photographed," Says Benrimon. "It's a true collectible for the tech community."

There are not many pieces of evidence but as far as it is consulting about Benrimon, there are two legitimate pairs left in this world. The reason for their extension is unknown but it was done during the later period of the '90s. Apple didn’t quite like the idea of shoes promoting their brand and thus, stopped the production and abandoned them.

The sneakers are made with conventional white leather with a size of 9.5 as that of the Adidas makings. The logo is featured on the tongue and side of the shoes. The soles are pure rubber but with a very high quality that doesn’t leave a mark of the skid.

Heritage plans to sell those shoes along with some collectible skateboards, T-shirts and other merchandises. They plan to feature a special auction name "The Future is now" which will be the event for the sale of those rare and exclusive products.

The ideas Bernimon featuring the auction of sneakers at Heritage led the idea of Apple sneakers, that was discovered by one of his friends, the big sensation.

“Knowing that he had these shoes was one of the deciding factors in putting this auction together," Benrimon concludes.

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