The Most Famous Giraffe of All Time

The Most Famous Giraffe of All Time The Most Famous Giraffe of All Time

by Malissa Allen

Today history is being made in Hapursville, New York. For what seems like months, millions have followed the live pregnancy of the giraffe known as "April". April caught the attention of people around the world when the zoo set up live streaming 24/7 to capture the birth of her calf.

Millions became so dedicated to the streaming that they were setting up tablets and other electronics everywhere they went as to not miss one moment. Eventually the options for "text updates" and merchandise for sale were offered. April, and her home in NY has captured millions of hearts (and wallets) around the globe.

This is April's fourth delivery, but her first to be born at the Animal Adventure Park. Zoo officials estimate the calf to weigh around 150 pound and stand around 6ft. Tall at birth.

The ruler of toy stores, "Toys are us" noted the attention April had gathered worldwide and began a sponsorship, supporting the live feed. Streaming began on February 10th, but wasn't as popular in the beginning stage.

YouTube briefly banned the images of April in her delivery pen due to it catching negative feedback for "sexual and nudity content". Just two weeks after streaming began. Due to the attraction April had gathered, the expecting mother has since showered millions of loyal viewers.

Today, April 15, 2017, On the eve of Easter day, over 850,000 viewers are watching in anticipation as history is being made in animal land. April is delivery her famous calf. Let's guess at a few names for the already famous calf. May? Easter? Miracle? The answers will be soon before the day is up.

Congratulations April and her mate, Oliver on your rather tall bundle of joy!

Here you can watch video:

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