Privacy Lawsuit Against Facebook Get Thrown Of In Court

Privacy Lawsuit Against Facebook Get Thrown Of In Court Privacy Lawsuit Against Facebook Get Thrown Of In Court

by Abhranil Das

A judge in U.S has rejected the litigation that was claiming that the Facebook is tracking all its user's web searches and downloads even after logging out of their social media accounts. The case has got much traction in the press and people from nationwide are condoning the actions of Facebook.

According to the session happened in Friday U.S District Judge Edward Davila decided that the people who complained about the plaintiff have failed to object their privacy concerns and didn’t indicate their desire for security, or they have incurred any damages/losses in the economic sector.  

The offended parties claimed that Facebook disregarded California protection law and government laws by storing cookies from Facebook in their respective browsers and afterward using them to track users after they log out of their accounts. This directly violates their right to privacy online.

But according to the judge, the concerned users could take necessary actions to keep their browsing history private and if necessary could delete those cookies from Facebook. He added that they have no concrete evidence that any third party sites have obtained their browsing history or eavesdropped on their communication, including Facebook.

"The fact that a user's web browser automatically sends the same information to both parties," meaning Facebook and an outside website, "does not establish that one party intercepted the user's communication with the other" Davila wrote.

Nobody from the team of lawyers of Facebook is available for comment till now. Facebook have also haven’t yet released an official statement regarding the ruling of the case neither they respond to any comments.

The judge said that plaintiffs cannot make any case regarding any wiretapping possibility, but they can approach the court against the claim of ‘breach of contract’ on facebook’s part. But chances are those claims also doesn’t hold much weight in court against Facebook security policy.

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