Cricket : New Revised laws

Cricket : New Revised laws Cricket : New Revised laws

by Abhranil Das

Cricket enthusiastics, have you heard the news? This October onwards cricket will never be the same again. 

MCC (The Marylebone Cricket Club) has introduced brand new rules to make the game more balanced.

The new guidelines not yet approved by the International Cricket Council (ICC) but that part is just considered as a formality. If all the formalities are completed by mid September, then the new guidelines will come into effect from 1st October 2017. 

In a conference on Tuesday MCC spokesperson said that, the main driving objective behind the revised rules were to make the game more civil to all the concerned persons related to the sport.  Except the expression "batsman", dialect of revised rules will be sexually impartial. 
The laws are pertinent worldwide, so they are kept very straightforward as possible. The club would like to empower enthusiasm for the amusement at all levels."

Critical changes

  • Language of new laws will be sexually impartial.
  • Thickness of edges as well as the width of the bat reduced. 
  • Material of bails will be changed, so that it doesn’t hurt the wicket keeper.
  • Intentional No ball will be marked as  a beamer .
  • Players can be suspended from the field for poor on-field conduct.
  • 'Bobbing bat' Law has been modified. 
  • Now substitutes are allowed to have the wicket in their name.

An umpire will have full authority to send a player off field during any duration of a match for poor on-field conduct.

In these new guidelines, Maximum width allowed is 108 mm and depth is 67 mm. Also edges can’t be greater than 40 mm.

A re-planned No-ball for sole intention of hurting the batsman will be marked as a beamer and could be penalised.

If batsman has safely crossed the crease line before the balls hit the wicket then Irrespective of whether the bat is on air or ground he will be declared safe.

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