The Day the "Unsinkable" Sank

The Day the "Unsinkable" Sank The Day the "Unsinkable" Sank

by Malissa Allen

Today in history, April, 15, 1912 , the now famous ship, the Titanic sank, taking many lives with her.

April 10, 1912, the largest passenger steamship ever built, the Titanic, departed from Southhampton, England. After making two stops, one in France the other in England, the massive ship set sail for its destination, New York.

2,240 passengers not counting the crew, or "souls" used in the shipping environment, boarded the iconic, "Non-sinkable" vessel.

Famous People on the Famous Ship
Many famous people boarded the world's most famed vessel to hit the seas. Documents show numerous of "souls" were high-ranking officials, celebrities and dignitaries. As this would be the first transatlantic crossing, people of all walks of life set out on a voyage where as fate would have it, met their death as equals.

The employees of this venture of the noted Fist Class royalties we're traveling as Second Class, side by side with the journalist, tourists and ranking academics which the level of service would be equal to first class on other ships.

The largest of groups by far were the passengers in the Third Class. Some paid under $20.00 to ride in the lower levels of the ship. Over 700 "souls" whose amenities on the Titanic was designed superior to any other ship.

The encounter with the iceberg that would eventually sink the "unsinkable" ship took place only a mere 4 days out, around 11:30 on April 14. Other reports of icebergs came in by other ships, however, the Titanic was sailing on a clear, moonless night.

When a lookout spotted the iceberg coming dead on out of a foggy haze, he rang the warning bell and telephoned the captain. At this point, the ship made a sharp turn, believed to have only grazed the catastrophic iceberg.

With only ice fragments on the lower deck, the crew felt relief. No one was aware that the icebergs jagged spur had made a 300 Ft. gash well below the waterline. With this unforeseeing damage, within hours, the Titanic was doomed.

It took several hours to get an accurate count of the event, even with the clear realization, people struggled to accept that the maiden voyage sank, and with it took over 1,500 souls down with her.

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