Is Facebook Really Free?

Is Facebook Really Free? Is Facebook Really Free?

by Abhranil Das

Yes you read that right, Facebook is not totally free of cost. Well it's true that you don’t have to pay anything to join this social networking site but instead you gave Facebook access to your intellectual information and valuable time. 

If you are an owner of a Facebook fan or any other page, then you will probably notice that with passage of time, your overall page reach is sliding down. No matter how regular you are or how important stuffs you share, nothing matters to Facebook. 

After launch of Fanpages by Facebook in 2007, it has steadily reduced the percentage of organic reach of your posts. In 2017, the organic reach of Facebook pages got reduced to 6.5% from 16%. Furthermore recently Facebook has introduced an algorithm that prioritizes the friends’ news feed rather than Fan page’s feeds.

During a research by an analytics company, it was found out the about 2% of people are able to see the posts out of total people liked that page. For example if 10,000 people has liked the page then only about 200 people are able to view the uploaded content.

To increase the revenue of its company, Facebook is now charging the users and advertisers to promote their post and reach a wider audience.
Now-a-days Facebook has turned to more specific method of paid marketing platform. They are not charging to get into this platform, but once you are in it then they force you to pay money to increase the visibility and reach of your selected posts. 

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