Facebook Hires 3,000 Moderators To Curb Inappropriate Live Broadcasting

Facebook Hires 3,000 Moderators To Curb Inappropriate Live Broadcasting Facebook Hires 3,000 Moderators To Curb Inappropriate Live Broadcasting

by Abhranil Das

Since Facebook has introduced the live video streaming feature across the whole world about a year ago, the new feature has been used for lot of ill purposed acts recently. Some people are using it as a medium via through which they are broadcasting live shootings and horrible suicides. In most cases the company have a very difficult time to curb such misuse of this feature. Due to such huge information interchange pool per second, it is fairly difficult to monitor such instances and remove them quickly as per their terms and condition dictate.

On Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg declared that the organization has taken a serious approach to control the spread of inappropriate videos on the social community. Zuckerberg said in Facebook post on Wednesday that the organization will enlist 3,000 extra moderators throughout the following year to audit reports of inappropriate material, regardless of whether in live video streams or in Facebook posts. The 3,000 new moderators will work with Facebook's worldwide operation group, which reviewed all reported and flagged posts received over a week along with  discovering new approaches to assist the process.

"In the course of the most recent couple of weeks, we've seen individuals harming themselves as well as other people on Facebook - either live or in video posted later," Mark said in a Facebook post. "It's tragic, and I've been thinking about how we can improve for our community. If in case we want to make our community more secure then we have to react quickly.”

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To enhance the control procedure, Mark said that Facebook is building new features to make it less demanding for users to report video and other abusive contents. The organization is additionally attempting to discover approaches to shorten the time it takes arbitrators to resolve whether the flagged content abuses Facebook's strategies, and make it simpler for rewiers to contact law implementation on the off chance that somebody is in imminent threat. Mark also mentioned that Facebook is trying to rope in law enforcements to make this process more efficient and quicker.

Recently Mark has acknowledged the fact at Facebook's yearly F8 Developer meeting in April, tending to the murder of Robert Godwin Sr. in Cleveland. The shooting was shown live in a video on Facebook for a considerable amount of time before the moderators brought it down. He added that "We have a considerable amount of work to attend and we will continue doing everything in our reach to keep tragedies like this from happening in future".

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