Irrfan Starer "Qareeb Qareeb Single" debuts on 10th November

Irrfan Starer "Qareeb Qareeb Single" debuts on 10th November Irrfan Starer "Qareeb Qareeb Single" debuts on 10th November

by Abhranil Das

Qareeb Qareeb Single is an upcoming Bollywood movie by Tanuja Chandra and Irrfan Khan will act as the main lead of the movie along with Malayalam actress Parvati.


Parvati as an on-screen character has vanquished the hearts of thousands of film critics with her splendid moves and impeccable acting. Which is one of the prime reasons behind her success in Mollywood, Kollywood and her debut film in Bollywood as well. As of now, her film 'Qareeb Single' with famous Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan is soon to be released in upcoming weeks.

Qureeb Qareeb Single Trailer


Trailer of the film has been released in the 3rd week of October and has an immense positive uproar in the social media. Currently, actor Irrfan Khan is doing all kinds of social media promotion to gain more people's interest in the film and make it a huge success which means adding another feather in his diverse rolled acting career. Yesterday a post about him got trending on Twitter in which he has wholeheartedly praised the immense effort put by Parvati in the movie.


Irrfan in the post revealed that he hated to be all alone during the date in Kolkata and asked his multi-talented heroine to join him in Mumbai. She reverts back in a positive tone that she will soon land in Mumbai to meet the actor after a long time.

Interestingly during the promotion time of the movie Irrfan Khan said that “Parvati that she is a great talent. She has a lot of fans. So, I’m afraid that if people would ever notice me in the movie. If she was not such a talented actress, the chemistry between us would not have worked out well”.


The movie ‘Qareeb Qareeb Single’ directed by talented director Tanuja Chandra, tells a story between two unknown travelers who unexpectedly fall in love during a journey. The movie was primarily shot in Rishikesh and Gangtok. The film is expected to be released on 10th of this month.


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