15 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Our Independence

15 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Our Independence 15 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Our Independence

by Prerona Roy

#1 The First Ever Hoisting of Our National Flag

Lal Quila was where our National Flag was hoisted for the first time, think again. Our National Flag was hoisted at Parsee Bagan Square in Calcutta on the 7th of August 1906.

#2 Colors of the Flag we learned were eventually evolved

The color of the National Flag was not saffron, green and white with the blue chakra in the center from the inception. It consisted of horizontal stripes of colors yellow, red and green.

#3 It was the first day of our rivalry with Pakistan

Due to the Partition and its effect this rivalry's fire was lit. The decision to make the Independent Sovereign Republic of India was laid and this exact decision of parting cost a million lives. Around 3.5 million Hindus and Sikhs migrated from Pakistan to India and about 5 million of the same from India to Pakistan.

#4 Why 15th August?

Lord Mountbatten was the newly appointed Viceroy at the time. He has revealed much later why exactly he had chosen this date to be known as the day of our freedom.  It was to correspond with the two year anniversary of Japan's surrender to the Allied Forces. 

#5 India was not the first choice

Few records have said that Pakistan was to be chosen as the state earlier, but Pakistan ended up sending troops of tribesmen to attack and win Jammu and Kashmir made Mountbatten re-think his decision and thusly India was the chosen one.

#6 What about the money?

The  Arbitration Tribunal, for Pakistan, had allotted 75 crores during the Partition as their share. However, they were paid just 20 crores and eventually because of The Kashmir War in 1947-48 monetary transfer stooped between India and Pakistan.

#7 Our National Anthem

We all know that our National Anthem was drafted by Rabindranath Tagore. That is not all, it is known that Tagore drafted the National Anthem to pay homage to King George V. Baffling, right?

#8 The Making of our National Flag

It is a notion that people have that our National Flag was the idea of Mahatma Gandhi. However, it may be a little obvious to think that way the facts are wrong. A freedom fighter of the name Pingali Venkavya had the idea of the design of the National Flag.

#9 Let me break your bubble, Goa was taken from us

This one is a heartbreaker. Goa belonged to Portugal as they had amended their own constitution after our Independence and declared it as their own state. Goa was then annexed by our Indian troops in the year of 1961, December 19th.

#10 Our freedom fighters were very linguistic

It is known that our great Bhagat Singh knew five different languages along with his mother tongue. Along with bravery, he had the quality of fluidity of languages. English, Arabic, French Swedish, Hindi, Punjabi, and Multani were the language he had high command over.

#11 Youngest freedom fighter of India

Rani Saroj Gaurihar was jailed by the British along with her mother Satyawati Rawat when she was 6 months old. She is highly loved and cherished in Agra and she also holds a degree in law and held a diploma in Public Administration. She had started her freedom struggle in her teenage years in the year of 1942.

#12 Gandhi did not celebrate the Independence with his countrymen

One of the greatest pillars of our Independence is Mahatma Gandhi. After the Independence of India whilst the whole country celebrated in joy Gandhi sat at Calcutta and fasted for an entire day and watched the catastrophic Hindu-Muslim riot which was going on then.

#13 Gold has come a long way

The numbers shall shock you! 10 grams of gold cost Rs. 88.62  then, which costs Rs. 28,795 now. Yes, I meant it when I said gold has come a long way.

#14 The Peace Maker

If you have noticed facts of wars and conflicts, India has acted as an extinguisher in a number of them. India has always acted a 'peace-maker' of the world or rather in between worlds.

#15 The British Rule, it just happened

The British had come to India to be traders. East India Company wanted to trade in goods like cotton, tea, and silk. Eventually, the matter of trade grew into the political domination and monarchy we call British Raj.

In this auspicious day of 15th August 2017, we celebrate 70 years of our freedom as a  'sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic, republic'. We reminisce all the known, unknown, seen, unseen memories of the struggle and fight and bask in the glory of a united country built by great men and women.

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