New Particle Discovered Is Dubbed As ‘Angel Particle’

New Particle Discovered Is Dubbed As ‘Angel Particle’ New Particle Discovered Is Dubbed As ‘Angel Particle’

by Abhranil Das

In our universe, everything is made up of small particles. Each and every particle has its own antiparticle. An antiparticle is a particle having a similar mass to that of its inverse charged particle. If by any chance a molecule came across its own antiparticle, both will obliterate each other in an instant releasing a huge amount of energy and sending shock waves to the surroundings. Although it has never been seen to do so because many theory suggests that with an exception of very few particles all particles are their own antiparticles. Recently researchers from Stanford and the University of California have discovered a concrete evidence that this kind of molecule really exists.

In the year 1937, a physicist known as Ettore Majorana reported an unusual gap in the fermion family. Electrons, Protons, neutrons, neutrinos, boson particle and quarks have their corresponding antiparticles. But according to Majorana's research, there should exist such particles in the fermion gap that they should be their own antiparticles.

Since neutrons and neutrinos don’t have their own charge but were considered as the best candidate for the fermion gap. But as in late 2014 anti neutrino was discovered by CERN, the line of hope of ever finding these particles becomes narrower. But to prove that neutrinos can also be there own antiparticle more advanced research is commenced but the answer is still decades away. In the meantime, another group of scientists starts digging for more "quasiparticles." These are those particles which don't occur in natural circumstances in a matter. These particles only form due to the collective behavior of some other elementary particles kept in a controlled environment.

Researchers claimed that they have finally found a smoking gun indicating towards the existence of such hypothetical fermion particles.

"Our team predicted exactly where to find the Majorana fermion and what to look for as it's 'smoking gun' experimental signature," says Shoucheng Zhang."This discovery concludes one of the most intensive searches in fundamental physics, which spanned exactly 80 years."

The team of researchers makes a specific ‘drink’ with the help of two thin film quantum materials placed carefully on one another. The end result forms a superconducting insulator and again by adding some ferrous magnets all the electron flow in one direction along the magnetic lines and in the opposite direction along the edge. Then when suddenly a magnet is swiped over the mix, all the electron stops moving and instantly switch direction. This sudden change in the behavior of electrons gives rise to quasiparticle which is dubbed as ‘Angle particle’.

Zhang the lead author of the paper says that the name is proposed "angel particle" after the famous book Angels and Demons, in which there is a bomb powered by a similar mixture of antimatter of a molecule.

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