New Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE Clocked The Fastest Lap Time Ever By A Camaro

New Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE Clocked The Fastest Lap Time Ever By A Camaro

by Abhranil Das

In recent uploaded video which was recorded from inside of Camaro Running at an unexpected 7:16.04 lap time over its Punching weight. 

The Nurburgring has slowly become one of the most seeked overall benchmark for elite performance cars, and a pretty good lap time can fuels a heated online civil argument between bench racers. The tested track has a various obstacles to test the optimum performance of the tested cars. It has about long straights about 13 miles to just test the max power of the cars, the track is so long that climate and track conditions varies from starting point to the finish line. 

It is a very challenging track for any custom build cars too but manufacturers keep coming back to these tracks to demonstrate and prove their cars worth without a single worry about the money spent. 

Most recent video uploaded by Chevrolet, demonstrates Camaro head engineer Bill driving the car clocking it at 7:16.04 in the finest line of Camaro, pushing it above the list of track legends as the C6 Corvette ZR1 and the Porsche 911 GT3 along with some of the most elite cars in the six digit books.

The 1LE bundle includes Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3R with DSSV spool valve stuns,  and considerably more downforce. In looking at recordings between the ZL1 and ZL1 1LE, it appears that the additional downforce may have fetched a touch of top-end speed, But it cost a hell lot to have the additional downforce.

The designing group in Camaro has quite talented drivers among their testing crews. Including Aaron Link who is now head development officer of the company. He has steered the fifth gen ZL1 to a lap time of 7:41 and Adam Dean who has timed a 7:37 lap time in a fifth gen Z/28. This latest lap knocks about 10 seconds off the record of 7:29.60 previously clocked by Drew Cattell in a 2017 ZL1, which was till now the best ever produced by a Camaro.

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