GTA 5 Includes Weapon Trafficking in its Upcoming Update

GTA 5 Includes Weapon Trafficking in its Upcoming Update GTA 5 Includes Weapon Trafficking in its Upcoming Update

by Abhranil Das

Grand Theft Auto is bringing a whole new thing to its online gaming world. It is going to launch Weapons trafficking in its coming update, Rockstar Games reported today.

As report suggested that until of 12th of June, users will be given two fold GTA$ and RP for completing Special Vehicle Missions. You can also likewise acquire an extra 25% GTA$ on all Biker Business Sales and Special Cargo Deliveries.

Gunrunning is expected to release the above mentioned update for Grand Theft Auto 5 around June this year. It is said to be based upon the illicit arms trafficking industry that has been steadily flourished in the southern piece of San Andreas. You'll have a lot of options regarding the purchasing of bases which have rooted underneath the ground in Blaine County by means of the in-game purchases, through Maze Bank dispossessions site. At those purchased underground central panels, which anyone can mistook for an easy lid are very much capable of producing military industry grade fabricated weapons and vehicles. These monstrous dugouts also contains firearms ranges for target aim practices.

Upcoming Gunrunning update will give the players a lot of option regarding the present components like weaponized vehicles, enabling the users to retrofit vehicles with heavily clad panels with front grilles and badass rooftop mounted machine guns. New transportation alternatives will include heavily armored personal carrier (APC), which GTA fans may perceive from Grand Theft Auto 4's Ballad of Gay Tony add-on feature. The APC is more than efficient in both land and waterways (Refer to the Screenshots below).

Also another new element which is said to be added in Gunrunning is the Mobile Operation Center, which will let the users customize their whole vehicles in a hurry including all the above mentioned weapons and vehicles upgrade.

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