Transformers Franchise Set To Begin a New Era

Transformers Franchise Set To Begin a New Era Transformers Franchise Set To Begin a New Era

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Hello Folks, If you are a big fan for transformers series, then there is a wonderful news for you all. We all know that previous year Transformer team has done a very productive work, however it was unclear how much productive the team was. In an exclusive interview with American filmmaker Michael Bay, it has been confirmed that total of 14 scripts of Transformer Series has been completed last year. 

Bay at CinemaCon express his desire to produce at least one of the fourteen scripts finished. Additionally, he also hinted at some new easter eggs during the movie ”Transformers: Dark Knight”

There is also a standalone movie in the list. The yellow car “Bumblebee'” is one of the first Transformer to get a standalone movie.

Main plotline of Dark Knight is without presence of Optimus Prime, a progressive war for survival has begun between the Transformers and citizens of planet earth. Yeager creates an alliance with, an English lord, Bumblebee and a professor to decrypt the main reason behind learn why the Transformers keep coming back to earth.

Michael added that not all the scripts are currently ready to be made into full fledged movies. All those scripts are just compiled as the basic outline story ideas towards the franchise.

The plan for Hasbro and Paramount is to produced a Transformer movie each year for next 8 years.

So, the production house is putting a lot of faith and pressure on the writer's block for the plotlines and new character development ideas. Bay’s ending dialogue has perfectly sum up the future for this franchise.

"This is my superhero film.
 You can only do so much with capes and suits.
 You can only do so much.
 With Transformers you can do a lot"

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