Does Zero Gravity Makes Age Reversible? Find Out.

Does Zero Gravity Makes Age Reversible? Find Out. Does Zero Gravity Makes Age Reversible? Find Out.

by Abhranil Das

Does really being in vast emptiness of space slows down ageing?

In opposition to general conception that a person ages faster in close to zero gravity, recent NASA study discovers that space travel may be the cure of stop or atleast slow natural process of ageing. And there is pretty solid evidence that it has slowed the ageing process in few astronauts who has spends a considerable amount of time floating in space.

The initial results released by NASA based on extensive study on human body, bore significant evidence of age reversal in zero gravity. Pair of twins was selected in an experiment to check this theory of anti-ageing. One of the twins, Scott Kelly who went into ISS for a long span of one year and his same look alike brother Mark Kelly who keep positioned on the Earth has hurled an astounding finding. It was discovered that in more than two events Scott returned more youthful than his brother Mark.

A key marker for quick ageing is how the small parcels (telomeres) that carries our DNA shrinks in case of space explorer Scott Kelly (who has evidently spend more than a year hovering in the frictionless gravity in outer space) it got elongated somehow. But as soon as he landed back on earth it got shrunk again to the supposed length, as his twin. The elongation of telomeres can be possible from a variety of reasons ranging from talking long walks in zero gravity to doing expanded exercise and reduced calorie intake.

From relativity point of view depending upon our speed and subsequent position, time may look to be moving at different rates to the observer. This happens due a phenomenon called gravitational time-dilation. Time seems to move a slower speed near huge bodies with stronger gravitational pull due bending space-time fabric

In a nutshell basically as gravity increases time starts to move slowly creating phenomenon of slow ageing.

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