Artificial Intelligence: Benefits or Risk?

Artificial Intelligence: Benefits or Risk? Artificial Intelligence: Benefits or Risk?

by Subham Roy

When it comes to artificial intelligence or AI, the first thing that comes to our mind is what exactly is it?

AI is actually the first step towards a sustained future. Imagine the world where you don’t have any worries of doing anything by yourself. You can simply grab a logic and leave the rest of the work to the machines.

Humans can think something extraordinary but can’t perfect it to the ultimate level. We can make something but can’t make it useful in one attempt. That’s where the concept of Artificial Intelligence fits in.

What is the story behind it?
Artificial Intelligence is actually a system that works on reasoning rather than numbers. The interface works on combined factors of combination, permutation, and probability. 

Gottfried Leibniz with his Calculus Ratiocinator extended the working concept of machines and their working principle.

The fact is simple to understand. Most of the machines were then working on the combination alone. Then the idea of choosing the best possible result or in one word, the probability was introduced in the algorithm. Now, the new interface can think of a specific input of data. The combination is redesigned to solve issues rather than equations. This is indeed the new stage of machine evolution.

What is the common misconception on artificial intelligence?
When the word artificial comes to our mind, we are restricted to think that robots are the only units. In reality, anything that has the capacity to make a logical decision is Artificial Intelligence.

Take the example of a computer, iPod or a smartphone here. You give them a logic or in this case a command, they interpreted that. 

For instance, let’s say that you press the play button in your iPod, the music is now about to get played. The command here is to play a specific track. The identification and playing of the track are the ability that makes it different.

Is AI a good or a bad thing?
If you ask me, it can act in both the ways. AI can reduce the manpower and labor which is a bad thing. Then again, they can also do things that people may find impossible to do. The most alarming concept of AI is whether they can replace us or not? If they are based on an algorithm which can make them adapt to the situation, how long it will take them to consider us a potential threat?

After they consider us a threat, there is a good possibility that they can find a logical solution to exterminate us. But then again, that is just a possibility. The reality is yet to be discovered.

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